Today we will speak about South Italy. One of the places where the WillAge found really interesting borghi. In this post, we will speak only about the living cost of these places, because most of you are interesting to know “How much cost the life in Italy?”Naturally, if you want live in Capri or Venice, the life cost is high. But the WillAge is a project for little borghi, and these places are really affordable for everybody that love nature, relax and incredible bio food. Today the WillAge want speak about the area around Potenza, Basilicata. Using, it is showing us that the differences is around the 80% for rent.But if you are looking for a small village, the rent price is lower than Potenza (200/300 euro for month). In the following video, you can see the beautiful Sant’Angelo le Fratte with a friendly Major, the shops and the amazing murales that cover most of the buildings around the city. Here the meals are incredible cheap respect to NY and the quality is incomparabile. Naturally when you go in an Agriturismo, a restaurant farm typical in Italy, you will spend for wine less than a beer in USA. If you decide to move here, you need count: 350 euro for 12 months = 4.200 euro for year 1,200 euro for electricity, water, internet 1.200 euro/month for eating one time for day in a restaurant = 14.400 euro for year The total is 19.800 euro for year for couple. This total is an average price depending from your life style and the WillAge is here to helping you.